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David was born and raised in small town Iowa, growing up in Farley just 20 miles west of Dubuque. In 1990, he moved to Ankeny where he graduated from Ankeny High School. From there, he joined the United States Marine Corps reserves and served in Echo Company 2/24 Infantry Company from 1996 to 2004. In between the reserves and graduating Grand View University with a degree in criminal justice, David was also looking at buying his first home. Do you remember what it was like to be in your twenties and trying to buy a house? If you were like David, you thought you knew everything, but in reality you didn’t have a clue how the world really worked. Now imagine buying your first house at that age.David found himself buying a house from a seller with no real estate agent involved because he knew everything…or so he though! He later met with a lender from a large mortgage company who spent more time figuring out which tie to wear than with David. As a result of this brief encounter, David walked away with an adjustable- rate (ARM) mortgage that he didn’t fully understand on a house that wasn’t worth what he paid for. To make matters worse, because he didn’t have a realtor by his side, he missed the bowing basement wall that would cost him even more money in a few years. Even though he was able to buy a house in his twenties, David’s terrible experience would cause most to run away from mortgages and real estate forever. Instead, David made it his mission to ensure that others never have to go through what he did. Knowing that a little education could have completely changed his experience, David began incorporating education as his guiding principle when he started his career in the mortgage lending industry in 1999. More than anything else, he didn’t want any of his clients to ever feel uneducated when it came to the mortgage process and to walk away feeling like he did. Everything David teaches and helps his clients with comes from a personal experience and a deep understanding of the negative experience one can have when buying a house. He truly has your best interest in mind to make sure your experience is as positive and stress-free as possible! In 2007, David became co-owner of Heartland Mortgage, which enabled him to provide his educational approach to his clients and the general public. He then transitioned into the Vice President of Mortgage Lending role at Lincoln Savings Bank in 2011. This passion to educate expanded as he gained years of experience in the lending world and experienced the positive impacts it had on his clients. Being able to recognize that many people were struggling to get approved based on their credit score, David became a Certified Credit Counselor to help his clients and the public improve their scores and overcome this obstacle to homeownership. Instead of letting clients attempt to fix financial and credit issues on their own, David guides his clients along the way to ensure that they can achieve their goals and be in a position to purchase a house sooner than if they were to do it alone. In October 2013, David opened a branch of Gershman Mortgage in Johnston. It was here that David began to notice that we as a society were taking on more and more debt – young adults entering the work force from college are saddled with student loans, others are carrying the burden of large credit card debt, or they are still feeling the effects of bad financial decisions made years ago. Knowing that existing debt is also a huge obstacle to owning a home, he became a Dave Ramsey “Financial Peace University” instructor to enhance his work with clients to include debt reduction and enabling clients to live debt free. David’s game plan now includes reducing existing debt, improving your credit score, increasing your ability to save and invest for retirement, ensuring proper insurance coverage in place so your loved ones are taken care of, and ultimately becoming debt free, yet still living the life you always wanted. They say success is 20% knowledge and 80% follow through, that’s why David’s job isn’t complete when a client’s loan closes. He is here to help in all financial aspects. David welcomes calls or emails from past clients on questions ranging from budgeting, refinancing, paying off debt, and overall thoughts on investing and saving. As a trusted advisor, David helps guide his clients achieve their goals to continue working toward their long-term aspirations. Outside of working for Gershman Mortgage, David spends his time being the world’s greatest taxi driver to his kids and an even greater husband. Something you probably didn’t know about David is that every Halloween, David and his family create the scariest haunted house known to man. Enter if you think you are brave enough! The self-proclaimed introvert is an active competitive fencer for the Des Moines Fencing Club. In 2012, David joined the Iowa Air National Guard as a Contract Specialist. He is also a member of the King David Masonic Lodge in Altoona, the West Des Moines Elks Lodge, the Larry Nehring Det. of the Marines Corps League, and is active in his local Toast Masters group. David is also on the Board for the Clive Parks and Recreation Department.
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