Confucius says…

Seems like everything I do theses last couple days has been a challenge.  For example,  I had a deep and intriguing business topic for you this week, but just couldn’t seem to get coherent thoughts down in writing.

So , I did a little R & D (rip off and duplicate) and found a short parable that was a fitting tribute to all my woes.

A man was unloading his troubles on his wife while she was cooking breakfast one morning.  While he was complaining of all his struggles, she put 3 pots of water on the stove to boil.  She placed a potato, an egg and some coffee beans, each in one of the pots of boiling water.

When her husband finished his rant, she asked him to tell her what was in the 3 pots.  The man, confused, said a potato, a hard boiled egg and a pot of coffee.

“Look closer “ said the wife, in her best Confucius impersonation.   “The boiling water represents adversity.  The 3 items represent the ways people deal with adversity.

The boiling water made the potato soft and weak   It made the egg hard inside the shell.  On the other hand, the coffee beans turned the boiling water into something rich and flavorful.

Now quit complaining and eat your potatoes before they get cold, dear.”



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