The Run-Rest Cycle

where to buy provigil in malaysia The concept of “periodization” dates back to the ancient Greek Olympics and was documented by physician, Flavius Philostratus (A.D. 170- ca 245). The Run-Rest Cycle requires you break up your training into various periods, for example; working on strength, endurance, peak performance & then rest on a regular schedule.

cenforce sildenafil citrate 100mg The same concept continues to be used by top athletes to prepare for races around the world. An Olympic runner doesn’t go from one major race to the next without a break in between. They build up to race day on a specific schedule, race, then take a required break from training. Most other sports have an “off-season”

buy prednisone with paypal Bernard Lagat, Kenyon born, American distance runner, says he takes time off and “gets fat” after a big race.

The physical and mental stress of business, while different than sports, still requires the same type of approach. Successful business people know that their success depends on training their minds and bodies to prepare for “show time”, work at high intensity, then take a break.

Tony Schwartz discusses this concept in his book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working: How Intense Focus and Frequent Renewal Fuel Great Performance.

We are more productive, keep a better attitude, enhance creativity, focus and attention by allowing ourselves some down time.

What is your Run-Rest Cycle and when is your “off season”