As I posted my blog “story” this morning, I realized that while I have them categorized as stories, they really aren’t.  So, I decided I should re-name te blog category.  I started out thinking it should be something like “Inspiring Topics” or “Inspiring Conversation Starters”, but realized that A)  the acronyms ITs and ICS aren’t all that inspiring, and that  B) the thought of trying to write something “inspring” once a week is WAY too much pressure.

These topics are designed to do two things.  The first, is to act as conversation starters that help us learn a little about each other each week.  Second, they are meant to teach us something important about ourselves; to ask ourselves questions about what we do and how we do it.  They are far more ASPIRATIONAL than INSPIRATIONAL.

As luck would have it, the important 3 words (I’m told, the best tag lines have 3 words) are “Aspirational”, “Topics” & “Conversation”.

So, going forward, you will be able to find your Aspirational Conversation Topics under the (A.C.T.s) heading.

Have a great week!